I hate being sick!

I have been sick for the past 2-3 days. (“Summer cold” kind of thing.) So I haven’t been up to posting anything. I have been able to do some work on my Websites and do some Lynda.com training.

I realized over the weekend that I could save a lot of money by consolidating my Bluehost “basic” accounts into one “plus” account. Bluehost’s basic service only allows you to have one website. Their plus account allows “unlimited” Websites. (This is what it shows on their signup page anyway. I’ve been told that it’s really ten, and that’s what’s showing on my account at the moment. I’ll cross that bridge with them when/if I get there.) I already had three basic accounts with Bluehost and I wanted to add this one. The plus account costs about three time as much as the basic account. So I upgraded one of my accounts, move the other two domains to that account and canceled the two basic accounts. I was charged ~$48 for the upgrade and refunded ~$59 for each of the canceled accounts. Sweet!

So besides adding MarkWhitted.com, I was able to add my independent IT consulting company MWWConsultingLLC.com which was just being parked for now, as well as ILike2.bike, a pretty much dormant cycling blog that I was hosting at Squarespace (Another $76 refund there. Ka-CHING!).

I also added RubyandPearlTheGemSisters.com. I had purchased this domain a couple of weeks ago for my mother and her best friend. Mom lives close to me here in Texas and her friend Ruth Ann lives in North Carolina. Mom and Ruth Ann are a couple of fun ladies. (I want to say crazy, but won’t, out of respect; although they wouldn’t object. And I guess I just did.) They have traveled extensively together, including three cruises. And I found out that they have journaled all of their trips thoroughly. I want to help them start blogging and eventually start a podcast where they can get together and talk about whatever. I think it would be a hoot. I also feel like they just need to organize their journals and they’ve really already written a book.

Finally, one of the consolidated sites is LivingAGratefulLife.com. This is a blog site that I set up for my wife Tracy. She’s new at this and isn’t exactly sure what she’s going to do with the blog; but it will probably be mostly inspirational musings like she’s been so good at on FaceBook as well as information about health and wellness, especially addressing Ehlers-Danlos syndrome aka EDS, which affects her and our youngest son. One of the items on our todo list is for me to sit down with her and introduce her to WordPress.

Well, that’s probably enough rambling for one post. I’ll try to make the next one an update on my training. Please share your thoughts in comments.


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