Code Editors

What’s your favorite code editor? For Web development. Handles HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP… Line numbering. Auto indentation. Syntax checking and highlighting. Code completion. Responsive. Reasonable priced. Mac is my priority, but go ahead and let us know about Windows and Linux too.



From the 1979 Steve Martin classic The Jerk, we get the now outdated quote “The new phone book is here! I’m SOMEBODY!”. Today, phonebook readership is way down, but as DNS servers around the world refresh over the next hours and days, I will be SOMEBODY! is born. It’s not much right now. Just the default WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme and this post. But my hope is that it will become a place for exchange of ideas and mutual learning.

Who is Mark Whitted?

I am a fifty-something year old software developer and IT consultant. (Currently unemployed.) I’ve been programming for over 35 years, the last twenty-plus years as an SAP ABAP consultant. It’s looking like the time may be coming to go in another direction or at least switch gears. Over the past month or so I’ve been researching “Web development”. And I’m finding that to be a wild and sometimes confusing world. I’ve decided that for now I want to focus on WordPress. I’m making my way through Morten Rand-Hendriksen‘s WordPressMaster Class playlist.

What is

I’m currently on HTML Essential Training and at the start of the course, James Williamson recommends blogging about our experience while learning Web development. So here we are. This blog should accomplish at least three goals:

  • Share my knowledge gained as I progress.
  • Gain additional knowledge through the community that I hope to establish.
  • Serve as a “playground” to apply my new skills as we learn.

So please join me as we learn to be new Web developers together. Please share your thoughts in comments. And fell free to spread the word and share on FaceBook and LinkedIn.

Let’s be Somebody together.